[Bf-committers] Icon scaling

Stephan Aßmus superstippi at gmx.de
Wed Nov 9 09:07:14 CET 2011


On 09.11.2011 06:02, Campbell Barton wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 8:35 PM, Stephan Aßmus<superstippi at gmx.de>  wrote:
>> On 08.11.2011 04:08, Campbell Barton wrote:
>>> However at this point we can probably just get away with using larger
>>> icons - 32x32 for eg - and it will be `good enough`,
>> That may indeed be the case.
> For an icon system I think we first need to deciede weather having
> precise, crisp-hinted icons at any zoom level is worth adding at all.
> However you're system is a step up from this, so I'll give my
> suggestion on how it could be done.

Thanks a lot for the insights. As I said, for this to be a step up, I 
would first have to implement hinting... and have the time to do so. 
It's just high on my list of things I would love to work on. Nice to see 
there is potential interest at this project.

>>> btw -  With SDL1.3 you should be able to run blender, though I'm not
>>> sure how far along the SDL1.3 port is.
>> I was helping to mentor the GSoC project to port SDL 1.3 to Haiku,
>> reviewing the patches and providing a lot of input. It's another item on
>> my TODO list to help improve this more, but I am pretty sure our OpenGL
>> implementation needs more work in general, SDL is just another client of
>> that API and whether or not it is used directly or indirectly, it needs
>> to improve. :-)
> If you can use software mesa opengl you could use that until hardware
> supported better.

But that's the problem... I am not even talking about hardware 
acceleration, it's our Mesa software renderer which still needs work. :-)

Best regards,

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