[Bf-committers] Please help me debugging

Rainer Hohne rahohne at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 7 23:47:59 CET 2011

@ Nicholas
Thank you very much for all those valuable suggestions.
How do you use TAGS ? I tried it with Emacs which I have never used before,
so the handling - especially if I have to press Ctrl-u Alt-. just to jump
to the next match - seems a bit complicated to me (although using four
buttons in a shortcut has something very blenderesque :-), but perhaps
there is a trick I don't know yet.

@ Sergey
Thanks for the link to that video, having such a convenient access to the
py source is coming in very handy.
Currently the debugging section is only in the 2.4 manual, so the question
is if to append that one or migrate everything over, but I don't know if
everything still applies to 2.5/2.6
In any case, it would certainly be helpful if there would be something like
"GUI debugging". While there is already a "Debugging" section in "Tips for
Coding Blender" (
wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Doc/Tools/Tips_for_Coding_Blender), I think
that something important like using the -d flag would be easily overlooked
if added there.

@ Peter
Thanks for your tip, I will certainly use the Breakpoint add-on for my
python projects. Unfortunately in this case I was unable to get an output
other than something like "view = <bpy_struct, SpaceView3D at 0xb7f2570>"
but perhaps I have to dig deeper.

So thanks to you all, I finally found the code section that I was looking
for, although it is by far not as easily fixed as I hoped it would be, but
at least I can alleviate the problem a bit. Will need some further testing.


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