[Bf-committers] grading w/ compositor

François T. francoistarlier at gmail.com
Sun Nov 6 17:45:53 CET 2011

Hi all,

I have been playing with the compositor and scopes today to bring footages
to neutral. I'm not even going into Color pipeline topics, but just about
controlers. I don't know if I'm the only one who things that fine tuning is
a real challenge but here is what I rekon so far.

- *Scopes are slow*
I don't know if they are threaded or not, but I found out that having the
scopes open in image viewer really slow down the computing time. To be
honest when doing a primary to bring the footage at a neutral stage (white
balance, saturation, ...)  I pretty much only look at the RGB waveform and
the Vector Scope. (never trust what I see in the image viewer output).
Moving a param in my comp (which basically have only one input, one RGB
curves and one viewer, and waiting 1 or 2 sec for everything to update is
not really efficient.
I wonder if that cannot be faster ?

- *Fine tuning is impossible*
adding a point in the RGB curve and moving it slightly with the mouse to
adjust white balance is really challenging and almost impossible to get
perfect. perhaps there is shortcut to move the selected point which I'm not
aware of.
A suggestion would be to not limit the zoom in the compositor and be able
to scale the nodes as much as we want to have a more accurate values on
Another suggestion would be to display the coord of the selected point
where we can enter some values ?

- *Min/Max of waveform are difficult to see*
the 3 lines on the right of a waveform defines the max and min of each
channels. a good way to start to white balance your footage is by trying to
have those 3 lines on the same level. Right now they are kind of hard to
see. I don't know if we can make them bigger or find a better display for it

That's it so far, I don't know if you have ideas or suggestions on how to
improve those.



François Tarlier

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