[Bf-committers] Improvement of BGE rendering for CAVE systems

Damien Touraine damien.touraine at limsi.fr
Fri Nov 4 14:32:23 CET 2011


I'm working on the BlenderCAVE project 
(http://www.gmrv.es/~jgascon/BlenderCave/). Its purpose is to use 
blender to render on CAVE systems 
We use python API to synchronize the scene across all computers that 
render on a screen. Python API is also used to adapte the camera to the 
current screen (ie : the one that is attached to the current computer). 
For this feature, it is important to be able to define precisely the 
projection matrices for both eyes independently. More specically, we 
must be able to adapt the projection to the right position of the user 
eye. For instance, you can to turn on yourself while looking on the 
floor screen. With default stereocopy viewing mode of BGE the eyes of 
the user must stay parallel to the screen and "horizontal".

Although we have searched, we haven't found any way to define projection 
matrix for left eye independently from right eye through the python API.
Thus, we suggest a patch we have developped. This patch creates two 
projection matrices  (left and right eye) besides the current one for a 
given camera. It manages the rendering for daily use (ie.: outside 
BlenderCAVE project).
I can send the patch that is based on SVN version 41510 (uncompressed 
"svn diff" : ~12K) on this list. But I'm not sure that it is the right 

     Damien Touraine, long time developper of CAVE applications

Damien TOURAINE - Ingénieur de Recherche CNRS, LIMSI-CNRS
Groupe de RV&A "VENISE", (http://www.limsi.fr/venise/)
Bat. 508, Universite Paris-Sud 91403 Orsay cedex - +33 1 69 85 81 64

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