[Bf-committers] Support for XDG Base Directory Specification (patch attached)

Cosme Domínguez cosme.ddiaz at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 02:04:22 CET 2011

Well, I made a patch that supports this standard. I tested it and it
seems work fine.


Download: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/download.php/9/498/28943/18167/blender_add_xdg_base_directory_support.patch

It adds a build option (disable by default) so for the moment does not
imply any drastic change.

I know changing paths should not be done lightly... but:

* It's a FreeDesktop standard.
* Popular apps like Chrome, PulseAudio, VLC, Transmission,
 Qt Framework, Wormux, GStreamer... support it.
* There are more and more software supporting it or they are working
on it (Firefox and Gimp, for example)

This is NOT about just moving hidden .blender in a huge .config. It's
about separation of user data, preferences and cache element.


But for now the patch only supports XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR and XDG_CONFIG_HOME.

For more info check:


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