[Bf-committers] regarding color correction and images

Troy Sobotka troy.sobotka at gmail.com
Fri May 27 16:07:10 CEST 2011

On May 27, 2011 6:26 AM, "Brecht Van Lommel" <brechtvanlommel at pandora.be>
> Already discussed this on IRC, so just sending here for completeness.
> I was sent this image which I think was made by David. The problems
> shown there I can also redo in Gimp and Mypaint. It depends on the
> brush falloff as well, different curves make the problem more/less
> obvious, but after tuning settings to be more similar, I can't see a
> difference really.
> http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=12884

MyPaint did some tests.


With respect,

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