[Bf-committers] Node system for game logic

Sjoerd de Vries sjdv1982 at gmail.com
Thu May 26 14:55:19 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

I would like to present to you the hive system, a working node system for
game logic (and other things).

It implements the complete list of goals of Benoit's Nodal Logic proposal:
Some of the design decisions are different, but the hive system contains all
of his features.

The source code is available under GPL:


It also has a GUI for editing hivemaps (node graphs). It is basic and quirky
but it works.
This makes it possible for non-programmers to create and modify game logic.
I have made a screencast that demonstrates this for a simple 3D scene:


New nodes and hives can easily be built in Python. However, the coding style
is different from normal Python scripts.
I have written a long manual with many examples. If anything is unclear,
please tell me.

The main limitation is that there are no bindings yet to the BGE, only to
It still needs to be ported to Python3.2, and I am not very familiar with
the BGE source code.
Also, a lot of important nodes (sound, physics, mouse picking, networking)
are still missing.

I am looking forward to join forces with Benoit and Sven, and with anyone
else who is interested.
Any feedback is welcome!



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