[Bf-committers] Copy Data Path and API doc organization

Sanne sanne at lavabit.com
Fri May 20 15:30:43 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I'd also like to share my experiences as a user learning the new Python API. I 
had the same difficulties as Damir, finding where is what in the greater 
context of the hierarchy.

I'll try to explain how I see it:

I believe there are at least two kinds of people who learn in a different way. 
Some people seem to be comfortable by first learning some detail here, some 
detail there, without bothering about the big picture, and someday connecting 
the dots and thereby getting an overview.

Other people, like me and Damir, get confused if they can't put things into 
context immediately. They need an overview right away and need to know where 
the details are in the hierarchy and how you get there from the top. The 2.4x 
API docs made that possible, the new ones, while great for the details, don't 
for me right now.

Maybe it's all there already and I just need a different way to look at the 
docs, but right now, for the big picture, I'm a bit lost.

Something like this would certainly help, and also info about how those 
virtual classes fit in:

On Friday 20 May 2011, Damir Prebeg wrote:
> http://www.blenderhr.com/blendercoders/apilayout.html

> When I click on View Docs for resolution_x, I would immediately get
> all info about that value: where is located (under
> bpy.context.scene.render) and that it's a member of RenderSettings
> class.


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