[Bf-committers] Camera Guides

Bassam Kurdali bkurdali at freefactory.org
Tue May 10 02:58:07 CEST 2011

On Tue, 2011-05-10 at 00:28 +0000, Campbell Barton wrote:
> Agree they are unrelated (except the case where Camera images could be
> made to force foreground and overlay some reference).
Not completely but it *is* close: images will suffer due to scaling
(especially if you don't intend on making a new one for each aspect
ratio) while procedural guides can be drawn at one pixel width
regardless of the resolution/aspect ratio- and now you'll have an added
dependency for your files. But it's a poor-man's solution for users who
don't want to apply a simple patch.
> I only mentioned it because the topic came up on this thread.
> There is still a case for having this feature, Michael and I just
> disagree on how it should be done, in fact Ton also disagrees :), he
> suggests camera BG images to have a FG option.
Well, that's ok :) I'm not personally in a rush, and people who need
this right now can patch, graphicall, hack their own - it's not like
this is going to result in any major compatibility issues. I hacked my
own a while ago, no problems.
> Bassam, can you give an example screenshot of how you use this?
I use it to compose shots! as you can see, the one pixel dotted line is
fairly unobtrusive, and it works 'right' regardless of focal
length/aspect ratio. In this image even though she's coming down the
escalator towards us, her eyes are always on the top third line of the
screen. Other images would have a center of interest on one or more of
the thirds intersections, etc. Pretty standard stuff really.
> Also, anyone can still work on adding camera overlay presets, its a
> good beginner task.
Yup, this is a very easy hack! though, not so easy to get it approved I
guess ;)

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