[Bf-committers] Camera Guides

Michael Fox mfoxdogg at gmail.com
Thu May 5 12:03:19 CEST 2011

In the past few days i have been working on adding guides to the camera 
object, to be used for perspective and eye line tracking  as well as 
composition guides (rule of thirds, etc etc) ,  now granted there is 
patches available to do this but they are all hardcoded and don't allow 
for much in the way of adjustment or precision, and certainly not 
elegant or integrated well.

However there has been concerns over this feature is really necessary, 
like people should use BG images or Grease pencil, really slapdash stuff 
and that custom guides are not needed nor should be developed, so I 
would like to ask, do I continue on this project, or call it a day and 
let the patch pass around the community because I do not want to keep 
going if it is deemed of little or no interest or need.

the Patch

     -uses SDNA/RNA
     -fully accessible via python
     -update real-time
     -both ends of each guide are independent and can be put anywhere in 
the area of the camera
     -has a transparency value
     -position values are percentages of the camera area so no need to 
redraw guides if resolution or camera scale change
     - due to accessibility of python, a preset system could be 
developed for this
     - guides are saved in the file
     -only exist in camera view
     -only a dashed line and no colour support at this time

The patch has a few issues
     - need a way to clear memory made where the guide is made
     -due to this files saved with guides will crash
     -the remove guide button does not work, for some reason
     -only very basic UI has been developed
     -no documentation at this time

Now please don't view this as me sulking and being a primadonna its just 
i have very little time these days and havn't developed anything for a 
while, there is not design docs for the object colour rules system yet 
so i took on this challenge, which has been in the back of my mind for a 
long time.

Thank you for your time
     Michael B. Fox

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