[Bf-committers] GSoC11 - Projects with a mathematical bent?

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 17:16:49 CET 2011

Hi Mitchell,

Many of our devs come from a physics background - math/physics double
majors and math/comp sci. double majors.

The camera tracking work requires heavy interface knowledge on the
Blender side, so unless you already have significant blender
experience it will be a poor fit.

There is a possibility of two devs for the camera tracking work (one
to work purely on the libmv side) which would be heavy math/physics
based but it is unclear what the feasibility of that is currently.

Automatic seam creation is certainly a possibility.

Nodification of game logic - you'll need to talk to Benoit regarding
that (hopefully he will reply).  I'll add his proposal for it to the


Personally I'd recommend all individuals new to the code base to pick
a task with lots of small successes instead of a large project with a
single success at the end.

You might want to look at the retopology tool polishing; uv tool
polishing; and skinning wieghting polishing -  those are much more
likely to end up with a 'success' for a new developer.  80% success on
projects with lots of small milestones is easier to call a success
than 80% success on a big project with a single milestone.

Also you might try and do one of the items from the polishing lists
and submit a patch just to see if you can successfully hack the code
base and prove to us that you can.

Tom M.

On Wed, Mar 23, 2011 at 5:09 AM, Mitchell Jeffrey <buck68 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just been having a look at some of the project ideas on the Summer of
> Code wiki page.  Automatic seam creation for UV unwrapping, camera
> tracking/motion capture and nodification of game logic have all caught my
> attention.
> While I have little experience in any 3D modelling or animation, I've
> recently become interested in the software development aspect of packages
> such as Blender.  I'm a 3rd year maths/physics major with a range of
> languages/CS courses/software experience under my belt.  I'd imagine at
> least the differential geometry course I took last semester would come in
> handy.  While I'm all for picking up the necessary skills and competencies
> along the way, I was hoping to discuss with possible mentors whether my
> background is appropriate for contributing to Blender - perhaps related to
> the aforementioned ideas - this (Northern) summer.
> Cheers,
> Mitchell
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> Melbourne, Australia
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