[Bf-committers] OS X update to XCode 4 breaks compiling

Dustin Martin dustin at 54.org
Sun Mar 20 00:14:56 CET 2011

Hey there,

Its true that apple is moving towards Xcode4 but at least for the time being you can still get Xcode3.  Its just you have to look for it on the Xcode4 page.  At least when I logged in I saw the link on the right side of the page.  However its safe to assume Apple has no intentions of supporting Xcode3 from here on out.  So you probably still have another year or so before Apple drops support for it all together.  

I can't imagine it being too hard so I wouldn't mind taking a crack at making it work.

- Dustin

On Mar 19, 2011, at 3:47 PM, Benjamin Tolputt wrote:

> On 19/03/2011 11:36 PM, Damien Plisson wrote:
>> BTW, why rushing to XCode 4?
>> I mean Blender is not a native Cocoa application with heavy Interface Builder use, and other fancy stuff that'll take advantage of the new XCode 4 ?
> It is not a matter of "rushing" but a matter of what Apple is "pushing".
> As an iPhone/iPad developer, I need to use what Apple is pushing,
> whether I like it or not, as one cannot compile for their latest iOS SDK
> without XCode4. Other applications compile with relatively little
> trouble from their CMake output, however SDNA related applications have
> had the odd quirk - so there is something potentially wrong there in
> limited circumstances (OpenAL related from what I can tell).
> In any case, obtaining XCode 3 is not really an option for NEW
> developers. The official download from Apple for XCode
> (http://developer.apple/com/xcode/) is now XCode 4. They'll download the
> tools they are told are necessary and still be unable to compile
> Blender. Whether we like Apple's new IDE or not (and I personally
> don't), it is what Apple developers are getting now and/or will NEED to
> get in the near future.
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> Benjamin Tolputt
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