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Terry Wallwork terrywallwork at netscape.net
Sat Mar 19 06:53:06 CET 2011


Not a coder, but isn't the todo tracker a good memory jogger for devs.  
Ton's fond bringing back features that have been unfixed for years.  If 
the list is gone won't it be less likely that remaining things that 
haven't been fixed will just be forgotten.  Also the todo tracker could 
be good for new devs wanting to pick one of them up and try and fix it 
or at least realize a feature is not implemented and come up with a 
better solution.

Though obviously items that are definitely no longer relevant/already 
dealt with, they could be removed.

I am just worried that it will mean items that at some point someone had 
an intent of fixing when all the other more important stuff is done will 
be forgotten.  Theory being that it doesn't matter how long it has been 
there if there is a chance it gets fixed it would be worth having.

Apologies in advance if I am misunderstanding the purpose of the todo 

Terry Wallwork

On 19/03/11 03:31, Tom M wrote:
> Hey all,
> the todo tracker has todo items listed back through 2005.  I know a
> lot of them are either done or no longer relevant.
> So what I'd like to do is send a message to each todo bug reporter
> asking them if it is still relevant for all todos prior to say, 2010,
> and close any of them that either don't get a response or get
> confirmed as being done.
> The other option is to just close all reports prior to some cutoff
> date and ask them to reopen it if it is still relevant.
> LetterRip
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