[Bf-committers] Official Automated Builds

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Tue Mar 15 01:04:15 CET 2011


Thanks everyone who's offering help.

On the buildbot side, there's two things that may need some attention:

* We need build steps to upload builds to the server, keeping the last
n builds and removing others.
* Adding accounts and build steps must be done by editing the
configuration file on the server, which means everything has to go
through me or someone else with access. Not sure if there's a good way
around it though.

On the build system side, we need:

* Steps for how to build fully correct releases, which options to use.
* Automatic packaging, it seems some work needs to be done here, e.g.
"make package" for cmake is not working for me.

For people who want to contribute build slaves:

* Wait until we have buildbot running on the server, then I'll give
instructions on how to set things up.


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