[Bf-committers] Roadmap for 2.5x - 2.6x - beyond

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Mon Mar 14 13:47:08 CET 2011

Big -1 for this,
seriously let's not change the naming again!
Ton and others decided on naming it 2.57 and 2.58 (Ton sent a mail with
this in January to the ML). Let's stick to that!

This is the n'th discussion about it on this list, and it starts to get
annoying. ;-)


Am 14.03.2011 11:02, schrieb Jonathan Smith:

> I think this will also make more sense to developers, in that we have 2.60
> as the base and we start working up and adding stuff from there,
instead of
> working from 2.58 up to 2.60 and having a bunch of new features in 2.60.
> Just my two cents,
> Jonathan
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