[Bf-committers] Roadmap for 2.5x - 2.6x - beyond

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Mon Mar 14 11:46:14 CET 2011

Am 13.03.2011 15:52, schrieb Brecht Van Lommel:
> Hi,
> There's this dynamic which I think we should try to break: unstable
> features push back release dates, then after a while, core developers
> in other areas get impatient and add another unstable feature, which
> agains pushes things back further, while branches get even bigger and
> harder to merge.

I am not a developer, but this was my feeling the last years, thanks for 
pointing this out so clearly.

Also for the rest I would fully agree on (especially the part with the 
"If a feature is not stable or not documented by week 7, it gets moved
to the next release").

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