[Bf-committers] Roadmap for 2.5x - 2.6x - beyond

Jonathan Smith j.jaydez at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 11:02:22 CET 2011

This is great.

+1 for Brecht's 8-week release cycle.

My only concern is whether some users might get confused about the release
versions. I think that instead of having 2.58 as the last release, we should
skip to 2.60, and make it the base release for the 2.6x series. This would
make sense (I assume) to the majority of Blender users who understand (Again
this is just taken from what I've observed, correct me if this is not the
case) 2.5x to be a development series. Everyone is waiting for 2.6 and it
will be a great marketing opportunity for Blender to be able to say "Come
get Blender 2.6!",  much like how other software releases, for example: Maya
2011, Lightwave 10, ZBrush 4, 3D-Coat 3.5, thus we have: Blender 2.6.

I think this will also make more sense to developers, in that we have 2.60
as the base and we start working up and adding stuff from there, instead of
working from 2.58 up to 2.60 and having a bunch of new features in 2.60.

Just my two cents,

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