[Bf-committers] Roadmap for 2.5x - 2.6x - beyond

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Sun Mar 13 14:43:34 CET 2011

Will 2.57 have a stable API?

On 13/03/2011 1:42, Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> Hi all,
> Here's my ideas on the current plans and roadmap:
> - 2.5x
> We are currently preparing the first official (non-beta) 2.5x release,
> numbered as 2.57. This might be released early April. Work will then
> continue 2 months on wrapping up the crucial 2.5 targets, resulting in
> a May/June final release (2.58).
> - New development: 2.6x
> In April/May we can review with all branch/patch developers status of
> their work, and make a migration schedule for all new features. This
> includes projects like GI rendering (Sintel), new Mesh editing, paint/
> sculpt improvements, Rigid Body Physics, new Curve/Nurbs system.
> Combining this with a redesign of shader/light system, Open CL
> compositing, a possible VFX based Open Movie, and all the new Google
> Summer code projects... it'll become a massive amount of upgrades again.
> Proposal is to do this in a series of small steps; with stablest
> branches first. We can call it the "2.6 series" resulting in a number
> of releases named 2.60, 2.61, 2.62 and so on. Each release will be
> mostly stable, but include new functionality to be tested as well. UI
> and general design specifications for Blender will remain on 2.5
> compatible level.
> A related target or Blender remains to keep improving apis or modules,
> to enable larger groups of developers to work in parallel on projects.
> - Long-long term
> We should keep doing these upgrades for as long as needed, and -
> similar to during the 2.4 period - separate out the really big issues
> to solve in a bigger project again, like a Blender 3.0 project, which
> could be something for 2015 or later even!
> We've been in some kind of "freeze" long enough now. Let's have fun
> for a while, and then try to fix it all up again :)
> -Ton-
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