[Bf-committers] Proposal: to remove the TexFace options

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 19:16:27 CET 2011

@Michael Williamson:
"How do the changes affect GL view and the texture painting workflow?"
It shouldn't affect the texture painting workflow. I haven't test it
but the part of the UV struct I'm touching is barely used in Blender
itself )other

@Carsten Wartmann:
"How is it working together with GLSL? [Alpha]"
GLSL handles alpha differently (in 2.49 and trunk). AFAIK for a
billboard in Multitexture and Facetexture we set the alpha to 0.0,
while in GLSL the alpha has to be 1.0. I find this awful (UI-wise) but
this is how Blender has been working since ever (?). I would love to
make TextureFace and Multitexture to follow GLSL, it should be easy, a
matter of doing a doversion and value=1.0 - value. But since this
change has nothing to do with the patch it was left out.

"Where is the "Collision" flag from the Face Textures is handled? I
think it can be usefull to have Collision by Face."
There is a new checkbox by the Physics panel. Turn it off and
collision goes away.
There is a part in the bullet code that is still checking for
TF_COLLISION (old TexFace flag for collision). I haven't touched it
yet, but it shouldn't matter.

"I think you would also remove Texture Face as option from the Shading
in the Property Shelf?"
I'm for GLSL to support Texture Face eventually. Multitexture supports
it (it always did). So if we remove it from the Options panel we will
loose the functionality of not having to set a specific texture per
mesh. It's useful if you have different objects sharing the same
material but using different textures.

"Beside this and my doubts about the time when to incorporate this I
think your work is very valuable and simplifies things."
It's always good to hear that. Please test with the collision and
alpha suggestions above and see it it helps "solving" part of the


2011/3/11 Carsten Wartmann <cw at blenderbuch.de>:
> Am 11.03.2011 13:16, schrieb Dalai Felinto:
>> I didn't address backward compatibility, so I still would like to hear
>> what is the best solution. I don't think an automatic conversion is a
>> good idea (it would affect rendering, and split materials will likely
>> get messy). So still looking for help into find the best alternative
>> here.
> Just as addition: It breaks all my game engine tutorials for my book,
> both in look (no alpha, no Add) and in functionality, I think because of
> the missing collision by face.
> Carsten
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