[Bf-committers] armatures, ipos and actions

Mike Belanger mikejamesbelanger at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 02:41:56 CET 2011

Yes the NLA is designed (and very good) at sharing actions.

Here's a file demonstrating the NLA solving your problem.  Note that I'm not a huge fan of keying on object level, but it is possible.


On 2011-03-10, at 7:38 PM, Joshua Leung wrote:

> Hi,
> For a moment there I was confused by the terminology you were using.
> If I understand correctly, you want to have several rigs sharing the
> same action (pose-bone level animation), but still be able to position
> the rig objects in different places (object-level animation).
> There isn't any bug here. By design, a single animation data (1 action
> + a collection of drivers + a collection of nla-tracks (containing
> strips referencing actions)) block lives on each ID-block (i.e.
> Object/Lamp/Material/etc.) Now, PoseBones are data hanging off an
> Object, just like the Object's transform properties
> (loc/rot/scale/etc.) Hence, they are affected by the same animation
> data block.
> For what you want to accomplish, what you really want to do is to use
> the NLA system. One strip gets the object-level, another gets the
> pose-bone level.  See
> http://aligorith.blogspot.com/2010/10/clarifying-animation-workflow-in.html
> with regards to NLA usage.
> Hope that helps,
> Joshua
> On Fri, Mar 11, 2011 at 3:13 AM, raphael <dwarf at free.fr> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> i was about to make a bug report but i prefer posting here first.
>> (didn't have any answer in supports forum)
>> In blender 2.49, you can have one ipo linked to armature's Object,
>> one action linked to it's data. So, differents armatures can have
>> their own position (+rotate and scale), and sharing the same action.
>> In 2.5, ipos and bones animations are both included in "actions",
>> and differents armatures can't share actions and have
>> different movements on the same time.
>> Is it a bug, the result of the new design or something that can be
>> changed in users prefs ?
>> some test files here
>> http://dwarf.free.fr/blender2.5/armatures_249-01.blend
>> http://dwarf.free.fr/blender2.5/armatures_250-01.blend
>> regards
>> raphael
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