[Bf-committers] glu / glew cmake errors.

pete larabell xgl.asyliax at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 21:33:48 CET 2011


a while back I was running into a problem functions in glu.h and glew.h
would cause errors while compiling. It was a simple fix but I had to
manually edit the systems files to do it.

I was told in the mailing list that all I needed to do was modify my
CMakeCache.txt file and this problem would go away...

I had already done the fix on my machines so I didn't go the CMakeCache.txt
route, and never considered it again.

Today I am trying to build on a new system and again have the error.

Can anyone in here let me know what exactly I need to do to resolve this
conflict a proper way without modifying OpenGL system files?


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