[Bf-committers] New WeightVGroup Modifier

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Tue Mar 8 14:50:55 CET 2011

Yet another big functionality improvement release (this should be the 
last one for a while – I intend to focus on weighted subdivision now…):

*Textures can now be used as weight factor sources as well (via a forth 
mode, Texture). Huh! Took me an hour to figure out that using texture ID 
implied to implement a foreachIDLink func!

*I Added an optional custom curve mapping to affect the weight factor 
before mixing it with old weight. Note this implied to edit 
writefile.c/readfile.c, to store/load that curve!


tracker: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=26108
wiki: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Mont29/WeightVGroup

Debian testing amd64 builds:

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