[Bf-committers] Moving to Python 3.2.x

sanne at lavabit.com sanne at lavabit.com
Mon Mar 7 17:53:09 CET 2011

On Monday 07 March 2011, Domino Marama wrote:
> the trick with python is to use "sudo make altinstall" so it goes
> in /usr/local and doesn't overwrite the standard python.

> just add

> BF_PYTHON = '/usr/local'

> to your user_config.py and do
> ln
> -s /usr/local/lib/python3.2 ../install/linux2/2.56/python/lib/python3.2

With the setting (for scons)


in user-config.py you wouldn't even need to copy or link the Python modules to 
Blender's install tree. I use this setting since the switch to bundled Python 
and Blender uses my system installed Python 3.1 resp. now my custom installed 
Python 3.2 (I also installed to /usr/local with "make altinstall").


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