[Bf-committers] Normalization of Vertexgroups?

Tobias Oelgarte tobias.oelgarte at googlemail.com
Wed Feb 23 16:41:51 CET 2011

Added a bug report for the case that x-mirror is failing together with 
auto normalize and another one for groups excluded from normalization.

Am 23.02.2011 15:57, schrieb Tobias Oelgarte:
> Sorry, but i know that already. But some groups seam to be included in 
> normalization progress (if created with auto normalize on) and some 
> are excluded (if created with auto normalize off). But you can't see 
> it later on if a group is excluded from auto normalize or not. Also 
> you can't change the "normalization type" for this vertex groups. 
> Meaning that auto normalize will not have an effect on them, while 
> other groups are included in normalization.
> Thinking straight forward, then there should be a button (option) for 
> the vertex groups to be included or excluded from normalization.
> One more thing i noticed is that auto normalize fails on overlapping 
> left/right vertex groups (with x-mirror). The side you are painting on 
> is handled fine, but the other side will get different results, as in 
> your example calculation. (Guess it ignores that the mirroring will 
> also switch the left/right names of the groups)
> Am 23.02.2011 15:44, schrieb Xavier Thomas:
>> There is also the "auto normalise" vertex group in weight paint mode
>> (in the Tool side pane->  Brush tab)
>> My guess and whatt would seems normal is that it only change the
>> weights value but in such a  way that weights keep the same proportion
>> compared to the sum of all weight (which would be one after
>> normalisation).
>> So if a vertex is part of 2 vertex group and have a weight of 0.5 for
>> the 1rst group and 1.0 for the second. After normalisation the weights
>> will be:
>> 0.5/(0.5+1.0) = 0.3333 for the first group
>> 1.0/(0.5+1.0) = 0.666 for the second
>> After the weight have been normalised, if you paint weight using the
>> "auto normalize" option, than it is like running "normalize vertex
>> groups" after each stroke. So if you paint to increase the weight of
>> the 1rst group than the weight of the second group will diminue.
>> I hope this was understandable.
>> Xavier
>> 2011/2/23 Tobias Oelgarte<tobias.oelgarte at googlemail.com>:
>>> As i have noticed, you have now the functionality to normalize vertex
>>> groups. But it is very unclear which groups will be normalized and 
>>> which
>>> are not affected. At least visually you have no feedback which will be
>>> taken into account and which are not. Is there a part of the UI still
>>> missing? Or how can you manage that vertex groups are included in
>>> normalization or not? Can this behavior changed after creation?
>>> I also miss one trivial feature, to fill a vertex group with just 
>>> enough
>>> so that the groups are normalized. For example, you have group A and 
>>> now
>>> you want to paint on group B that: A.weight + B.weight = 1.0
>>> Many questions. I know. But i could not find any useful 
>>> documentation on
>>> this and the UI itself doesn't show it.
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