[Bf-committers] Normalization of Vertexgroups?

Xavier Thomas xavier.thomas.1980 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 15:44:57 CET 2011

There is also the "auto normalise" vertex group in weight paint mode
(in the Tool side pane-> Brush tab)
My guess and whatt would seems normal is that it only change the
weights value but in such a  way that weights keep the same proportion
compared to the sum of all weight (which would be one after

So if a vertex is part of 2 vertex group and have a weight of 0.5 for
the 1rst group and 1.0 for the second. After normalisation the weights
will be:

0.5/(0.5+1.0) = 0.3333 for the first group

1.0/(0.5+1.0) = 0.666 for the second

After the weight have been normalised, if you paint weight using the
"auto normalize" option, than it is like running "normalize vertex
groups" after each stroke. So if you paint to increase the weight of
the 1rst group than the weight of the second group will diminue.

I hope this was understandable.


2011/2/23 Tobias Oelgarte <tobias.oelgarte at googlemail.com>:
> As i have noticed, you have now the functionality to normalize vertex
> groups. But it is very unclear which groups will be normalized and which
> are not affected. At least visually you have no feedback which will be
> taken into account and which are not. Is there a part of the UI still
> missing? Or how can you manage that vertex groups are included in
> normalization or not? Can this behavior changed after creation?
> I also miss one trivial feature, to fill a vertex group with just enough
> so that the groups are normalized. For example, you have group A and now
> you want to paint on group B that: A.weight + B.weight = 1.0
> Many questions. I know. But i could not find any useful documentation on
> this and the UI itself doesn't show it.
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