[Bf-committers] Fluid particles refactoring

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Sat Feb 19 00:11:28 CET 2011

Am 18.02.2011 23:23, schrieb Janne Karhu:
> I've been refactoring the fluid particles recently, and before I actually
> start getting ready to commit this I'd like to get some feedback on my
> current progress and ideas.

Sounds great! I am just at particles chapter for my book an was not sure 
to include fluid particles at all, it is (was?) quite hard to get nice 
simulations, they tend to explode to often with no (for me) obvious reason.

However, I have not so much real use for them until we have a mesh 
tesselation for them. Suggestions welcome.

BTW: Is there a documentation in one place for all the new particles? 
Even in your blog it is hard to keep track.

> And yes I do know that this will break old simulations, and that you book
> writers have to do some pages all over again, but my sincere intention is
> a better user experience with the particle fluids, so please forgive me.

See above ;-) Beside us writers I don't think there is much use of them 
at the moment beside self contained demos and some effects, so I think 
it is acceptable to break some old simulations.

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