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Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Wed Feb 16 22:59:54 CET 2011

Am 16.02.2011 22:45, schrieb Thomas Dinges:
> Hi Carsten,
> Am 16.02.2011 22:15, schrieb Carsten Wartmann:
>> Roadmap: Beta = "Final Feature Set, Ready for Documentation".

As I already said before: I don't care about definitions of Beta or 
Alpha or RCs, I trust in the word (and I really have to, not beeing 
anymore in (or near) the core of Blender development) and this clearly 
says what I quoted above.

Its not my words its from: 

Not a blog of somebody but a "highly offical" website b.o.

> But: What If you would be a documenter for Max or Maya? You could only

But I am not, and will never be. I put my heard, brain and blood into 
Blender for over 10 years now, so maybe I am not a neutral person for 
such discussions but there is a clear gap between what Blender claims to 
be an what Blender is nowadays. Ok but I stop now.

For the Max/Maya analogies: If I would work for autodesk I would 
*surely* use the real Beta versions of their products an getting fired 
if the final Book does not match the final version...

> I think Zanqdo explained the reasoning well. :)

Yea, surely helpfull. So could we come to a way of working where changes 
get documentated by the developer in a way a documentation monkey or a 
user can understand AND find it?

I think thats a big problem with Blender today. It grows faster that the 
docs. I think (from my POV) a new feature should not be going to trunk 
unless the developer provides a documentation. I offered my help here in 
the past, so devs, get you a docu-monkey and an artist.


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