[Bf-committers] [Bf-blender-cvs] SVN commit: /data/svn/bf-blender [34694] trunk/blender/release/scripts/ui/ properties_game.py: Fix for [#25963] Show mouse option in wrong Panel.

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.de
Mon Feb 7 20:42:06 CET 2011

Hi Dalei,
thanks for your feedback!
I appreciate that very much, because I don't get feedback regarding 
UI/Interface (concerning the python scripts) very often.
> Hi Thomas,
> options such as framing (Letterbox/Extend/Scale) and background color
> are actually used for both Player and the embed BGE. So why not the
> mouse? The way I see it (and the reason why it's there) is because
> Blender itself always has a mouse pointer. BlenderPlayer, however, as
> a standalone application does not necessarily would have one. Yes is a
> "shared" property, but it stands on its own in the Player.
Good point, I didn't thought about the special status of it in the player.
> That said I don't have a really strong opinion on that topic and
> nothing was ever set on stone. I just miss a big picture on the design
> here.
> For example if mouse fits better under "Display" I would rename it to
> "Mouse Cursor" instead of "Show Mouse".
> Also I have my doubts on whether "Display Lists" and "Use Frame Rate"
> actually belongs to "Performance". Think that way, "DisplayList" is
> (finally) on by default. The reason someone would turn it off would
> be: (1) to run in a gfx that doesn't support it (is there such a
> thing?). or (2) in very particular cases where DL performs better than
> Vertex Array. "Use Frame Rate" in the other hand affects the whole
> game. It can slow downs the logic and physics to assure the rasterizer
> always run on its loops. I'm not sure about you but I only use this
> when I want to do screencapture of the game with
> bge.render.saveScreenshot. They are known cases where this can benefit
> your game (e.g. those with heavy Python calculation) but the change in
> the game is so drastic that, again, I don't think Performance is a
> good group for them.
"Display Lists" and "Use Frame Rate" were in the performance panel before my commit, that was not a change I did.

> I find great that you put time and effort on this, but such a change
> should come with a better explanation than the message
> "reorganization" and wrong panel may convey. Specially because
> otherwise it gets hard to argue on that.
> And please, I know you are doing a really nice work in the UI, but
> refrain from changes in the code if the person that committed is
> active and maintaining it :)
I am sorry Dalai, I will ask you for feedback on it next time, when I do 
changes in the Game Engine UI.
Still, as module owner of the UI scripts I do changes there all the time 
and in the best of my abilities. So did I today.

But I agree, that in this current beta (near to stable) stage we should 
communicate UI changes better.
That's something I wish myself for other people too working on Ui 
scripts. ;-)

I hope we can resolve the issue. :)
Feel free to change the Game Engine buttons if you find a better 
solution. Or I/you can revert my commit?

Best regards,

>   A reply in the commit log or a
> conversation over IRC can lead to a better dialog. Sometimes the
> maintaner-ish of a part of the code have sheltered ideas and future
> plans that can add for a better design. E.g. this is a list of things
> I would like to see in Blender before 2.5 and some of them does affect
> the UI: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gBzJ_8A8_XHAE5NfyqV5UG7feZuLa_y7v-uccsHBNi0/edit?hl=en&authkey=CK3n9Y4G
> (see the 1st and 3rd item)
> Kind regards,
> Dalai

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