[Bf-committers] [#25436] Crash when using high resolution smoke sim

Marko Radojcic sambucuself at gmail.com
Sun Feb 6 13:56:08 CET 2011

Hi, I tried to reproduce the bug and a similar one occured.

I'm using Ubuntu Linux 10.10 and I have ATI graphics card.

I ran the file attached with the bug report in today's svn blender version
by using CLI:
~/blender-build/cmake/bin/blender --redner-anim filename.blend

UI opened and I used alt+a to play the animation without any modifications
to the file.

It didn't crash, and baking was not crashing while in blender, but when I
exited blender it complained about corrupted double linked list

It might be a problem with graphics settings of the Ubuntu desktop because X
server is complaining about:
AtiCallFGLComposite in the backtrace.

In situations like this, as for what I can remember usually removing compiz
package and installing original ATI graphics drivers would solve most of the

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