[Bf-committers] Proposal to store Initial value in Custom ID Properties

malefico at licuadorastudio.com malefico at licuadorastudio.com
Sat Feb 5 18:27:49 CET 2011


I've been using Custom ID Properties (I think that's the right name)
assigned to certain bones with my rigs which works really nice in pose

During animation I found however that it slows me down because I cannot
"reset" all those sliders as quick as I do ALT+S/R/G but instead I have to
select each bone that has properties, and set those sliders to it's
default value.

So I thought I could write an operator to reset all those for me and speed
my workflow up a bit.

However when investigating how to do this (return all properties to their
INITIAL value) I figured out this information is not stored. The structure
has MIN, MAX, SOFT_MIN, SOFT_MAX, and TIP, but nothing abut the initial
value the property had.

You might think that this is silly, all I should do is set them to 0.0,
however, not all properties have that as initial value, think of Chain
Length in an IK Solver, or Subdivision level to give a couple examples.

I could use my own python defined custom properties (storing the initial
value and then create an operator to clear that out everytime I need), but
it's definitely convenient to use the GUI for this purpose saving the need
of run any script prior to use a rig.

So I humbly propose adding a field in the structure of Custom ID
Properties, so the initial value could be store for future reference.

I appreciate any feedback on this :)

Best regards


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