[Bf-committers] Proposal: to remove the TexFace options

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Fri Feb 4 13:32:13 CET 2011

Am 04.02.2011 05:59, schrieb Dalai Felinto:
> Hi Carsten,
>> "- ObColor: I think I used it many times for changing the Mesh color with"
> As far as I know you can't change the Mesh color, but only the object color
> with this. The difference is that it can be unique per objects sharing the
> same mesh and material.

Hmm. I am not sure if it used to work face-like in the past. However, 
currently it works in the 3D View AND at render time (F12). See this 
.blend (2.49 but works in 2.5x also). I just made a Cube with one Face 
Vertex Paint and the others set to "ObCol", makin a smal Col-Ipo and 
playing it in BGE.


So why not fix it in the GE?

>> So I think it have to be possible
>> to show all the textures in GLSL when following is meet:
>> - Object has a Material,
>> - "Face Textures" in Options-Panel is ON
> Agree with that here. Actually I consider this more to be a bug than a
> design. Brecht would know better. Have you consider adding this to the
> tracker? Personally I would love if GLSL could work without materials using
> TexFace, but maybe that's me being lazy to add "dumb" materials.

No, did not track it so far. Maybe Brecht can say something about it, 
not that it is a wanted feature and my bug gets closed fast ;-)


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