[Bf-committers] Question about bone allocation (Chicken or the egg)

Tom Edwards contact at steamreview.org
Tue Feb 1 16:00:46 CET 2011

Why are heads and tails stored anyway? This would be a great opportunity 
to make editbones loc, rot, length. The difference between edit and pose 
is bizarre from both a user's and developer's perspective, and a huge 
HUGE headache when importing/exporting.

On 01/02/2011 2:13, Tobias Oelgarte wrote:
> Im currently reviewing the armature code to fix the loss of precession
> while switching between edit mode and pose mode. Basically the locations
> and roll angles are computed back and forth every time. Since it is done
> with floating point precession the rig tends to fall apart. To correct
> that i will have to know how the "Bone struct" is allocated. Does it
> even get allocated? Meaning that it will always be the result from a
> conversion from "struct EditBone" to "struct Bone"?
> The question is basically about the fact which kind of struct is created
> first. From using blender i would assume that Editbones get created
> first and will then be converted to Bones, when you leave editmode. On
> the other hand: How it is handled while loading an existing file? Are
> the Editbones (for editmode) stored or the Bones (for Posemode and
> anything else)?
> What i basically want to do is to store the untransformed head and tail
> locations together with the boneroll as separate variables inside the
> "Bone struct". That seams to me the only way to get rid of the steady
> conversions, which will end up destroying the bone locations in editmode.
> Tobias Oelgarte
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