[Bf-committers] SVN error in particle merger sept 2011...

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 02:21:01 CET 2011

The situation is a bit more complicated as it seems.

The good news:
reverting the folder (^/source/blender/nodes) to before revision 39941
brings back the deleted files (^/source/blender/nodes/intern/CMP_nodes
SHD_nodes TEX_nodes) from there svn logs works fine for logs in trunk.

Unfortunately changes made in 2.49 while 2.5 and 2.49 were alive can't be
found through this:
"Querying merge info requires version 3 of the FSFS filesystem schema;
filesystem '/data/svn/bf-blender/db' uses only version 2"

Not a big deal. But the real deal break for is that I can't get any info
before revision 10342. Most of the nodes were added back then, but the
commit log is simply:

"Initial commit.  Not in build system so shouldn't interfere with anything
at this point.  Will commit modified versions of existing files once build
system is tested."
(so no real info on the nodes themselves and their whereabouts)

I couldn't find anything in orange branch either. So, does any one know
where did the node work start? Specifically the UVMapNode.


2011/12/24 Ton Roosendaal <ton at blender.org>

> Hi,
> Merger r39941 - sept 5 - by Lukas removed many years of svn history
> for work on nodes.
> How did this go unnoticed, or was it intended?
> -Ton-
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