[Bf-committers] i18n: contexts now available!

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Thu Dec 22 22:24:19 CET 2011

Hi translators and devs!

Sergey just added a way to have contexts in Blender RNA, so the hunt is 
open! :P

Now, we have to organize a bit things, as adding a context implies 
modifications of Blender code (nothing hard, but let’s try avoiding 
unneeded noise and cluttering with hundreds of various contexts). Also, 
adding a context will impact all translations. Having superfluous 
contexts in some languages is inevitable, but let’s try to avoid it as 
much as possible too.

To quote Sergey’s commit message, « Think context like "BRUSH" or 
"MODIFIER" are preferable than "NOUN" and "VERB" because in some cases 
the same english noun used in different areas better be translated 
differently to make translation more native. »

So here is what I propose (as we have a tracker, let’s use it!) :
* Translators send requests for a new context to 
http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?atid=522&group_id=183&func=browse , 
with headers of report/request formatted this way: "[CONTEXT] 
NAME_OF_CONTEXT". Request should also contain the po-paths of the 
affected properties.
* Request is discussed a bit, and if it seems reasonable, context is 
added to code.
* Translators can also send requests (on ML or tracker) to add 
properties to an existing context.

Note that the list of contexts currently in use will be in stats of each 
weekly report from now on.

Best regards,

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