[Bf-committers] Blender developers IRC meeting, 18 dec 2011

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sun Dec 18 18:00:30 CET 2011

Hi all,

Here's the summary of todays IRC meeting.

1) Blender 2.61 review, planning next release

- No show stoppers sofar, incredible good work! Compliments :)

- We can now get working on 2.62 target list. Each is summarized below.

- UV tools, GSoC project by Antonis Ryakiotakis. Gets reviewed by  
Brecht now.

- Dual contouring, by Nicholas Bishop

- Object motion tracking, by Sergey Sharybin.

- Pete Larabell: Double Edge Matte node? Masking code?

- Brecht van Lommel: Cycles layers/passes.

- Fast linear color -> srgb conversion patch

- Replace random dithering with Floyd-Steinberg dithering:

- Robert Penner, easing equations for f-curves: http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&aid=22084&group_id=9&atid=127

- BGE Harmony Branch (improved light and shadow), by Kupoman:

- BGE bugfixing and polishing

- Call for more developers: if you have patche(s) waiting for review,  
but also intended to become active as part of the module owner team,  
tell us! We will give highest priority to your work... would be a  
shame to have great new devs waiting.

- Proposal for the "BCon" levels for 2.62 is:

  BCon2: 01 Jan (2.62 targets frozen)
  BCon3: 22 Jan (Blender feature complete)
  BCon4: 05 Feb (Release candidates)
  BCon5: 12 Feb (Call for release)

2) Other projects

- The "Depsgraph sprint" idea gets different approach now. To fly in  
everyone to Amsterdam in Jan/Feb would be too expensive and quite  
unsure what the outcome would be... not to mention it might not be  
possible to get all devs together at same time. Instead, Ton will  
discuss assignments to individual developers for the next month,  
supported by Dev Fund.

- Mango project will start early march. Brecht, Sergey and Campbell  
will be each involved to help out, but they will only be part time in  
Amsterdam. That means there's another 'seat' left for a developer to  
support this VFX project. Active devs here: make sure I know you're  
available.. just in case!

- BMesh: will become a 2.63 target.

- Meeting briefly discussed Node plugins. Would be a good way to  
prevent "node-creep"! Lukas will look into it.



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