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Jeroen Bakker j.bakker at atmind.nl
Fri Dec 16 10:15:24 CET 2011

Hi all

It took a while, but we finally got a branch that is stable enough to 
start migrating. Issue is related to cleaning up pthread. Currently I 
added Blender internal workers back. it is slower, but doesn't have the 
tendency to crash every second or so :) This is a temporarily solution 
as I really want the original pthread solution in place for thread 
handling. For the time being this also means that OpenCL is disabled, 
due to the openCL device selection was also included in the pthread 

Lukas did some great work on nodegroups and fixing some in the 
data-structure of nodes related to the deprecation of node stacks values.

I would like to propose to meet on Tuesday 20:00 Amsterdam time to 
explain the compositor internals and node migrations. We meet at 
blendercoders and see if we need a new channel or not.

your local time of this event:

Jeroen Bakker
- At Mind -

On 1-12-2011 9:11, j.bakker at atmind.nl wrote:
> Hi all,
> There is a branch available for the compositor node migration. During the
> creation of this branch we found some memory issue in the new compositor
> system, so it ain't stable. Not sure why as it worked fine for months.
> another task that needs to be done is to make the branch compile with a MS
> compiler. The issue concerns the different meaning if the key-word const by
> a MS compiler.
> The next people have contacted to help out with the migration.
> Team
>   - Sergey Sharybin
>   - Dalai Felinto
>   - Pete Larabell
>   - Lukas Tönne
>   - Thomas Dinges
>   - David (erwin94)
> branch - https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/branches/tile/
> doc about migrating nodes -
> http://ocl.atmind.nl/doku.php?id=documentation:migrating_compositor_node
> (do not mind the mistake in the image)
> And some doc's about the internals of the system.
> create operation doc - http://ocl.atmind.nl/doc/d5/d80/execution.html
> execution doc - http://ocl.atmind.nl/doc/dc/d83/executing.html
> Next steps:
>   - 'Close' the gitorious branch as svn.blender.org will be used (need to
> contact some graphicall.org builders)
>   - Check-out the branch and see if there are some issues.
>   - Solve the stability issues and compiler issues.
>   - Make list of nodes that needs to be migrated and assign the team to it.
> (blender wiki?)
> Did I miss something?
> Now start tiling :P
> Jeroen Bakker
>   - At Mind -
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