[Bf-committers] Request for feature: colored point clouds

Aurel W. aurel.w at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 12:36:10 CET 2011


+1 from me. I would also need such features asap. But I would go a
little bit further than just colored vertices. It would be great to
introduce pointclouds as a new object type.

Maybe later on blender can make also use of libpcl for modifiers on pointclouds.


On 15 December 2011 11:57, François T. <francoistarlier at gmail.com> wrote:
> I asked for the same request for any kind of object (especially empties).
> The answer I had from Campbell was : "super easy to do, nobody has time to
> do it" :)
> that was a year ago, and I doubt the status changed :p
> 2011/12/15 Jace Priester <jacepriester at gmail.com>
>> Hi everyone,
>> I'd like to request a feature added (or fixed?), which is colored point
>> clouds. As-is, if I import a point cloud via PLY or some other format with
>> vertex colors specified, they simply show as black. This is because vertex
>> colors are only supported for faces. I had a hacked together script that
>> takes a PLY and converts vertices to small tetrahedrons, and then vertex
>> colors display properly. This is terrible for file size, memory, and speed
>> reasons, plus the tetrahedrons don't display as "nicely" as pure verts do.
>> So basically, I'd like Blender fixed or otherwise modified so that vertex
>> colors display for verts not connected to faces. It would save me a fair
>> amount of time and headache if this were patched sooner rather than later,
>> and I know everyone is busy, so if someone could make the modification (and
>> maybe make me a Windows build??) I'd be willing to pay for this. I'd be
>> happy to assist in any way I can. I've done plenty of software development
>> but never on Blender, and I'm occupied with other stuff at the moment.
>> Here are some test files for anyone that wants to check out the current
>> state:
>> http://www.threespaceimaging.com/dl/shoe_part_verts_only.ply (5MB)
>> http://www.threespaceimaging.com/dl/shoe_part_tetrahedrons.ply (27MB)
>> When importing tetrahedrons, add a material to the object and check
>> Shadeless as well as Vertex Color Paint. You should see whites, grays, and
>> pink sections. You can do the same with the verts-only version and confirm
>> that it does not work as expected.
>> Thanks everyone - feel free to contact with any questions.
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