[Bf-committers] AMA - Advanced Modifier Array 0.5 beta3

Fabio Russo ruesp83 at libero.it
Wed Dec 14 19:14:51 CET 2011

Hi to all,
I just added the new build on graphicall.
These are the latest changes:

Advanced Modifier Array v0.5 beta3 new features and fixed bug (from v0.5.2) 

    1.  FIX: "Start Cap" and "End Cap" appears in "Curves" without "Curve 
    2.  FIX: "Mid Cap" appears in "Curves" without "Curve Cap".
    3.  FIX: Fixed a display bug in "Edit Mode" of the "Mid Cap".
    4.  FIX: Initialization of variables for the rand offset.
    5.  UPD: New UI and improvements, based on PDF of Leandro Cavalheiro.
    6.  UPD: Two ways to use the modifier:
             - "REGULAR" : Standard Method of cloning.
             - "PATH"    : Cloning along curve.
    7.  UPD: The "Offset Between" is now in the "Fit Type".
    8.  ADD: Ability to bind object "Mid Cap" to a different curve from that 
of the copies.
    9.  ADD: Ability to add to the curve of the "Mid Cap" also "Start Cap" and 
"End Cap",
             respectively the first and last Control Points.
    10. ADD: "Scale" can have negative values, to create clones smaller than 
the original.
    11. ADD: The "Mid Cap" is subject to noise, but only in the "Sequence".
    12. ADD: "Start Cap - Mid Cap - End Cap" now have the ability to use a 
random material
             belonging to the object cloned.

Advanced Modifier Array v0.5 beta2 new features and fixed bug (from v0.5.1) 

    1. ADD: Ability to add a "Mid Cap" in various sequences and on "Control 
Points" of a Bezier
            and NURBS curve.
    2. ADD: Ability to add multiple clones of a "Mid Cap".

    1. Local Rotation.
    2. Array distributed on a curve.

The latest patch is on the Tracker:

Best regards, Fabio (ruesp83)

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