[Bf-committers] Antw.: Is Cycles going to support OpenCL 1.0 ?

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Thu Dec 8 14:25:12 CET 2011

> We don't want to be biased towards NVidia, but they've got one major
> hardware/compiler advantage, which is that not all functions need to
> be inlined. Without this every feature that is added puts more stress
> on the compiler, making it crash or run out of memory. With the next
> AMD driver release (which includes a bugfix they did for us), it looks
> like we'll be able to support basic path tracing, but without
> transparent shadows, improved closure sampling and procedural
> textures. Probably that will be in 2.62.

Sorry, this sounds a bit ambiguous, what I meant is that in 2.62 we'll
probably have path tracing with shading (as opposed to current AO
render). But still without those features, unless AMD can fix the
other issues we submitted to them.


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