[Bf-committers] split cycles cuda kernels from BF_NUMJOBS

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Mon Dec 5 16:40:52 CET 2011

well it's normal that Render Kernel compile takes some resources.

Per default, we only build 3 kernels though, sm_13, 20 and 21.
You can only build the one kernel for your card, that should use less 


Am 05.12.2011 07:02, schrieb Yousef Hurfoush:
> hi
> as currently added support cuda binaries for scons, specifying BF_NUMJOBS=4
> will start 4 cuda kernels compile processes and that consumes more than 4GB RAM to do
> so i think there should be a separate build option for these.
> i use scons and msvcsp1 on windows 7 x64
> i5 4 cores, 4GB DDR3
> Regards
> Yousef Harfoush
> bat3a at msn.com
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