[Bf-committers] Proposal to improve the File Selector Box for import/export and open/save

Gaia Clary gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sun Dec 4 00:17:40 CET 2011


I found it is very common to overlook the Properties section during 
export or import
or even when loading/saving another blend file. The properties settings 
are often burried
somewhere outside of the screen on the lower left side of the file 
selection window.

I propose to move the special properties from bottom left to top right 
as shown
for the Collada export in this fake image:


In detail i propse:

- add Properties and tool shelf to the export selection menu
- put the export properties into the properties section
- put all the rest into the tool shelf
- display the tool shelf on the left (similar to the 3D View)
- display the properties on the right (similar to the 3D view)

Main Reasons for the proposal:

1.) The action button and the related properties would be side by side
       instead of in opposite corners of the screen (as it is now)
2.) The screen area would be better utilised (more info on less space)
3.) The gui would become more consistent (properties+toolshelf as in 3D 

Where would i have to start if i wanted to add a patch to my proposal ?
Is there any "entry point" or documentation hint available for how the Gui
is programmed ?


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