[Bf-committers] Blender developers IRC meeting, 29 august 2011

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Aug 29 10:10:00 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Here's yesterday's meeting notes.

1) 2.60 targets

- Review of vgroup modifier is in progress, can be added as 2.60  
target (if OK).

- Pepper branch... Joerg proposes to merge in a few days. Review is in  
progress still, when Brecht and Campbell give thumbs up it can get in.  
Joerg ensures Joshua is around too when merge happens. Don't forget to  
move the docs to release log too!

- Mike Erwin: will do NDof fixes for 2.60, tablet branch is for 2.61/2.

- Question; is our (chinese) UI translation GSoC project ready for 2.60?

- VSE Proxy branch got merged by Peter Schlaile during meeting.

- Discussion topic: some people like to see ffmpeg compiled libs in  
lib/ svn for Linux.
   Seems not to be as easy... and apt-get for such libs goes fine.

- Oceamsim patch submitted for 2.60, let's add it as target, but we  
seek reviewers still...

- (Added note: according to schedule, this week is last chance to get  
branches or big patches approved as 2.60 target).

2) other projects

- Patch fo new node proposed (mail follows too)

- Cycles: Brecht added alpha pass support, holdout closure (like old  
Sky option) and pixel filter control.

- Bmesh: short report by Howard, Added patch... Ton notes GSoC student  
Dan Walters is available for work too. (Campbell coordinates all).

3) Google Summer of Code

- Last monday was 'pencil down'. All 15 students passed. Ton will make  
a final overview report with docs and videos, on code.blender.org.



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