[Bf-committers] bmesh: updating subsurf data

Howard Trickey howard.trickey at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 16:56:25 CEST 2011

Bmesh devs:

I'm investigating the crash on deleting an edge from

I believe the problem is that the CCGSubSurf data in the derived mesh for
the modifier is not being properly updated after a geometry change to the
base mesh in edit mode.  By the way, this is also likely the cause of
another problem, which is that the display of the derived mesh doesn't
update properly in edit mode after a geometry change. (In particular, while
trying to draw the derived mesh, a lookup of an edge by an id from
CCGSubSurf now yields NULL.)

My question: what is the method in general by which one is supposed to
indicate, after a geometry change, that someone needs to go through the
modifier stack and recalculate the derived/side data used in the modifier?
 Is the depsgraph mechanism supposed to be used here?

- Howard

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