[Bf-committers] Asking for help with patch conversion (bas-relief)

Thomas Dinges blender at dingto.org
Wed Aug 24 12:53:02 CEST 2011

Here is the 2.5 port: http://www.pasteall.org/24254/diff
Some issues in CMP_basrelief.c still.
Am 24.08.2011 11:35, schrieb Thomas Dinges:
> Working on it... :)
> Will get back to you.
> Am 24.08.2011 10:41, schrieb Vilem Novak:
>> Hello,
>> several years ago I developed a new compositing node - bas relief.
>> I am frequently contacted from people who are asking for builds of this patch, since it's so far probably still the only free and working implementation of the algorithm.
>> Currently, I didn't build blender for a long time and I have no clue how to convert a 2.49 node to a 2.5 node,
>> and don't even have internet connection on my working machine, so getting dependencies e.t.c. working is very hard.
>> Is there anybody on the list who would be willing to help with converting/building the old patch? Probably it would just need some standard RNA-fying process.
>> here is all the info and the patch:
>> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Reference/Windows/Nodes/Composite_Nodes#Bas_relief
>> here are some sample outputs:
>> http://plant.ffa.vutbr.cz/~novak/ContemporaryGods.htm
>> Thanks
>> Vilem
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