[Bf-committers] Blender Release cycle proposal

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Fri Aug 19 16:16:02 CEST 2011

Hi all,

Trying to incorporate all reviews & crits, here's a summary of where  
we can head to:

1) What we agree on (strict :)

- Trunk is by definition stable and usable
- Branches & patches only get applied to trunk when stable & finished  
& documented sufficiently.
   (within the specs module owners defined)
- No branch/patch should get rushed in by only popular demand.
- No release happens with regressions compared to previous release(s)
   (with exception what announced/agreed on)
- For each release, we define as early as possible the targets  
(mergers, patches, etc) and timeline
- We release as often as possible

2) What we keep free:

- Module owners/teams can define what goes to trunk (stable features &  
fixes) and what should be branch development.
- Release cycle target is 2 months, but should not frustrate quality  
or running projects. If not practical, the cycle can get extended as  
much as needed, preferably not more than a month though.
- Patch/branch developers are expected to seek themselves active help  
and involvement to get things approved.

3) Love for everyone!

- BF/BI team assists on reviews, but we'd need many more devs to help  
with it.
- Get artist-buddies for coders
- Involve stakeholders better.
- Decision tree: always strive for consensis, starting at lowest level  
(everyone here), if not possible then module owner/teams, then bf- 
blender project admins. I'll act when no agreement can be reached.

A graphic with the cycle: (summarizes most of Thomas' wiki page)



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