[Bf-committers] Blender Release Cycle

Michael Fox mfoxdogg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 23:40:03 CEST 2011

> Reply to 2 points...
> - Blender bug tracker has more bugs because more people are testing
> blender!, many bugs that are fixed are not reported so infact the
> number of bugs in the tracker should be much higher, and 6months back
> should have been 100's more then it was.
> - Regarding "not calling bugs show-stoppers belittling users reports",
> and that _any_ bug could be a showstopper.... eeeh,
> well yes - of course any bug can be a showstopper but the line has to
> drawn somewhere, else we just end up in release paralysis, I think it
> should be enough that we try fix bugs when we find time, holding back
> a release means users who stick to stable builds are not getting the
> fixes we HAVE done, think we just have to try use our best judgment
> here.
Sorry my mail was completly out of line, had a long talk with Dingto, 
Bassam, antont, jesterking, mougri and others in irc and i generally 
calmed down, and compromised, with saying having a 12 week cycles 
instead of 8 as that was my my fear is 8 weeks is too short and we will 
make silly mistakes in order to get release, 12 weeks allows for some 
breathing room for us who like to take their time and incase things go 
very wrong, no one is perfect

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