[Bf-committers] Need some help in building the soc-2011-garlic branch

xiangquan xiao xiaoxiangquan at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 04:07:25 CEST 2011

Thank all!
I ever thought I had subscribed this list. But negligently I hadn't.
I've read all replies in the list archive. It helps a lot. I'll fix the bugs
finded. Thanks again!

2011/8/13 xiangquan xiao <xiaoxiangquan at gmail.com>

> svn path:
> https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/branches/soc-2011-garlic
> Hi,
> I have been developing it with ubuntu+cmake all the way. As the GSoC's
> "Pencil down" comes,
> I need to confirm it works well with cmake and scons, as well as all
> platforms.
> ===========================================
> What I have done to building rules:
> 1. /source/blender/editors/*/CMakelists.txt    /source/blender/editors/*/SConstruct:
> add ../../blenfont to inc path.
> 2. move /release/bin/.blender/fonts to DATAFILES/fonts when installing.
> /SConstruct:
>         if 'locale' in dp:    -->   if 'locale' in dp or 'fonts' in dp:
> /source/creator/CMakeLists.txt:
>         install(
>             DIRECTORY
>                 ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/release/bin/.blender/fonts
>                 ${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/release/bin/.blender/locale
>             DESTINATION ${TARGETDIR_VER}/datafiles
>             PATTERN ".svn" EXCLUDE
>         )
> ===========================================
> As you can see, these modifications seem just fine. But only linux+cmake
> works well for me.
> linux+scons: compile error, cannot find buildinfo.c and creator.c
> windows(MSVC 2010 Express)+scons: link error when generate the final
> blender.exe, a lot of LNK2001 errors(unresolved external symbols)
> windows(MSVC 2010 Express)+cmake: compile well, but can only run in release
> mode, badly. Screen shot attachmented. And got error when build PACKAGE:
> CPack error : CPACK_PACKAGE_EXECUTABLES should contain pairs of <executable>
> and <icon name>
> =================================================
> I don't know whether these are inherited from trunk, or my error code /
> environment.
> So I need some help to address the problems, as well as test on MAC and
> BSD.
> You can checkout the code and build. Email feedback and patches are very
> welcomed.
> Thanks very much!
> Regards!

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