[Bf-committers] Need some help in building the soc-2011-garlic branch

xiangquan xiao xiaoxiangquan at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 16:31:15 CEST 2011

svn path:

I have been developing it with ubuntu+cmake all the way. As the GSoC's
"Pencil down" comes,
I need to confirm it works well with cmake and scons, as well as all

What I have done to building rules:
1. /source/blender/editors/*/CMakelists.txt
add ../../blenfont to inc path.

2. move /release/bin/.blender/fonts to DATAFILES/fonts when installing.
        if 'locale' in dp:    -->   if 'locale' in dp or 'fonts' in dp:
            DESTINATION ${TARGETDIR_VER}/datafiles
            PATTERN ".svn" EXCLUDE
As you can see, these modifications seem just fine. But only linux+cmake
works well for me.

linux+scons: compile error, cannot find buildinfo.c and creator.c
windows(MSVC 2010 Express)+scons: link error when generate the final
blender.exe, a lot of LNK2001 errors(unresolved external symbols)
windows(MSVC 2010 Express)+cmake: compile well, but can only run in release
mode, badly. Screen shot attachmented. And got error when build PACKAGE:
CPack error : CPACK_PACKAGE_EXECUTABLES should contain pairs of <executable>
and <icon name>

I don't know whether these are inherited from trunk, or my error code /
So I need some help to address the problems, as well as test on MAC and BSD.
You can checkout the code and build. Email feedback and patches are very
Thanks very much!


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