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Hi Salvatore,

Thanks for the update report, I forward this to the developer list  


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> From: Salvatore Russo <russose at gmail.com>
> Date: 12 August, 2011 22:36:27 GMT+02:00
> To: Blender Documentation Project <bf-docboard at blender.org>
> Subject: Re: [Bf-docboard] iPad/tablet
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> Hello,
> I planned a long time ago to port my work on BlenderPocket for my  
> ipod and I gave up for many reasons:
> 1) because of time constrains (Blenderpocket site is not really  
> maintain any more)
> 2) because starting to work, I realized that the iOS world is really  
> closed (really!) and I had to do lot of tricks like jailbreak,  
> etc... and I imagined that very few people would do that for a  
> "proof of concept" like BlenderPocket
> 3) the reason mentioned here with GPL
> Few months ago, I bought an Archos 70IT, with Android. I will not be  
> able to invest the time to make Blender work on Android based on  
> BlenderPocket work. I am sure that it is not so complicated to do it  
> (I could help if someone is interesting in answering any question)  
> but my previous experience show that it is not "a couple of day of  
> work"... Android is mainly Java, there is a C/C++ compiler for  
> Android but I imagine that there will be some small difficulties,  
> all Blender library (especially Python) need to be compiled and  
> working... and my OpenGL wrapper for OpenGL ES would need some  
> rework... but again, if some people needs more detailed information,  
> feel free to ask or contact me on my website.
> For the last information, I installed on my Archos 70IT linux  
> (debian ARM), "apt-get install blender" installed a crashing Blender  
> but I managed to compile it from my tablet and it works quite  
> well ;) Even if I have to admit that the capacitive touch screen is  
> not so easy to use as the stylus for the resistive screen. I am sure  
> that the 2.5 UI fully customizable thanks to Python can make easily  
> a "finder touch Interface".
> If some people are interested by the "ARM Blender Package working",  
> you can find the package (and the compilation settings) here:
> http://russose.free.fr/GEN8/
> (I will update my Website is some other people are interested, who  
> knows...)
> Sorry for this long post,
> Salvatore
> http://russose.free.fr/BlenderPocket/
> 2011/8/12 Juan Dario Rodas M. <jdrodas at yahoo.com>
> Hi Willie, Hi everybody!
> For a better understanting of the situation between GPL and Apple  
> ToS for applications, let me recommend you these posts (yeah, I  
> Know, they're long and boring but worth the reading):
> Apple's ToS for Apps:
> http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/us/terms.html#APPS
> A "Deepful" analysis of GPL vs Apple's ToS:
> http://mailman.videolan.org/pipermail/vlc-devel/2010-November/077486.html
> To make things short, Under ToS, Free App is only for personal  
> noncommercial use and you can only share it on five iTunes  
> authorized computers.
> Under GPLv2, once you have been granted license rights, you may not  
> impose further restrictions on the recipient's license rights.
> Since Apple ToS is restricting you to use a GPL software just to  
> personal noncomercial use, there's a conflict. Since you can only  
> share it to your five iTunes authorized devices, there's a conflict.
> One of the most noticed cases was the VLC Media Player:
> http://www.zdnet.com/blog/open-source/no-gpl-apps-for-apples-app-store/8046
> Workarounds:
> 1. Since the blend files are outputs from the program, they're not  
> covered under GPL Terms. You might write a "GPL free" app ( what an  
> insanity!!!)  to manipulate the Blend file and license it according  
> Apple's ToS.
> 2. Like Tony said, Change your tablet for something else that truly  
> support GPL apps. Android is the first option, not to mention HP  
> WebOS or some old fashioned Windows/Linux Tablet.
> Hope this might help!
> Greetings from Colombia!
> Juan Dario Rodas (JuanD)
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