[Bf-committers] SpacePilot Pro doesn't pan

Mike Erwin significant.bit at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 21:21:34 CEST 2011

Andreas Galster wrote:
> I just tried my SpacePilot Pro in Blender (Revision 39351).
> Unfortunately panning doesn't seem to work correct?
> I'm not getting any panning in Blender, however in Cinema 4D it works.
> So it has to be an issue with Blender/drivers/setup, not the hardware itself.

Right, there's nothing wrong with your hardware, just the way I wrote
motion code for the 3D view. My approach was to enhance blender for
blenderheads more than easy transition from C4D, Max, Maya, etc. For
now you can hold shift to get full panning (same as with MMB orbit) or
enter fly mode. This is the #1 complaint, so I will remedy the pan
behavior very soon.

> I downloaded the latest SpacePilot driver for 64 Bit. Any suggestions?
> I'm also wondering how to get the Blender 3D mouse menu back, that opens when you press the MENU button.
> After I installed the drivers, pressing the MENU button opens the 3Dx menu. How do I assign the Blender 3D mouse menu to the MENU button again?

>From the 3Dx control panel, create a custom profile for blender. Set
all motion and button actions to reasonable defaults, something like
"send to application". Out of the box, the driver tries to do all
sorts of fancy things like launch web browsers, email, etc. from some
of the buttons. Blender ignores control panel settings in general (on
Windows), but by telling the driver to simply pass everything along to
blender, it will get out of your way.

Similar advice applies to Mac users, just swap "control panel" for
"preference pane". Except on Mac, the driver is necessary, not so on

Mike Erwin
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